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Respiratory Cytology Workshop
May 19th, 2001

A seminar and workshop on sputum cytology, bronchial lavage and fine needle aspiration biopsy of lung masses was held at Queen Mary Hospital. The speaker, Dr Maria Wong, described in detail the cytological appearances of micro-organisms and malignant cells in cytological preparations.  This was followed by a 2 hour microscopy session. About 80 members attended the seminar and 50 members participated in the workshop.

RESPWKS3.JPG (40810 bytes)
The president Dr Chan Keeng Wai and Dr Maria Wong (Speaker)

RESPWKS5.JPG (38423 bytes)
Dr Annie Cheung at the registration desk

RESPWKS4.JPG (42552 bytes)
Participants at the microscopy workshop

RESPWKS1.JPG (39237 bytes)
Participants at the microscopy workshop

RESPWKS2.JPG (41029 bytes)
Dr Wong from Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau

RESPWKS6.JPG (28423 bytes)
Dr Wan Suk King and Dr Maria Wong


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