First AGM
Seminar & Workshop - Liquid based cytology
Lecture by Prof Peter Russell
Respiratory Workshop
COP companion meeting Oct 4-7, 2001
Cervical Screening Program
2nd AGM
New Cervical Cytology Today
FNA Liver
Cytotechnologist Presentations
FNA Thyroid and Salivary Glands
3rd AGM
    Cytotechnology Forum & Workshop
4th AGM

5th AGM
FNA Workshops
Companion Meeting IAP - Beijing
Meet the Expert - Dr Diane Solomon
FNA of Pancreas & Liver - Dr Centeno
6 AGM, Body fluid cytology & workshop
Cytopathology Training Scheme for Chinese Pathologist

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Seminar and Workshop - Liquid Based Cytology

Speakers: Dr May Chan, Dr Pang Siu Wah & Ms Anita Ng
Date: 9th December 2000
Time: 2.00 - 5.00 pm
Place: Prince of Wales Hospital

About 90 registrants attended the workshop.  The workshop materials of more than 500 cases were contributed by various hospital and private laboratories.

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Inaugural Annual General Meeting

Date: 9th December 2000
Time: 3.00 - 3.30 pm,
Place: Prince of Wales Hospital

More than 100 people attended the annual general meeting.  Election of the first council was held.

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Lecture by Professor Peter Russell

Laboratory Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and the cytopathologist.

Date: 9th February 2001
Time: 6.30 pm
Place: Kwong Wah Hospital

Respiratory Cytology

Speaker: Dr Maria Wong
Date: 10th May 2001
Time: 2.00-5.15 pm
Place: Queen Mary Hospital

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Challenges and Opportunities in Pathology Companion Meeting Program

The joint international conference of the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia, Hong Kong College of Pathologists and Hong Kong International Academy of Pathology was held at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine on Oct 4-7, 2001.  The Hong Kong Society of Cytology will hold a companion meeting on FNA cytology of the breast on Oct 7. For more details, click here.

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Cervical Cancer Screening Program - an organised approach

The seminar discussed the setting up of an organised cervical cancer screening program. The presenters were:

  • Dr Margaret Chan, Director of Health, SAR
  • Dr Heather Mitchell, Deputy Director Victorian Cytology Service Inc
  • Professor Hextan Ngan, Queen Mary Hospital
  • Dr May Chan, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

2nd AGM

The second annual general meeting of the Hong Kong Society of Cytology was held at 3.15 pm on Saturday 1st December 2001 at the Lecture theatre, Hospital Authority Building, Kowloon. Click here for further information.

Programmes for 2002

16th March 2002

Kai Cheong Tong Lecture Theatre, Prince of Wales Hospital Shatin


New Cervical Cytology Practices Today

Dr David Wilbur
Director of Cytopathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Conjoint meeting organised by Chinese University, HK - IAP and HKSC

  • Bethesda 2001: New Nomenclature for a New Millenium
  • Preliminary results of Autocyte Prep ThinLayer preparations processed on the AutoPap GS Automated Screening System.
  • Results of the National Cancer Institute ALTS study and the implications on patient management.
22 June 2002

Dept of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology. Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin

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FNA  of Liver lesions

Dr Tsui Man Shan & Dr May Cheng
Caritas Hospital

** Lecture notes available for download.
5th October 2002

Public Health Laboratory Centre (PHLC), 382 Nam Cheong St., Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon

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Cytotechnologist Presentations

Experience with Autocyte Screen - Mr Lin Wai Fong
Digene II HPVDNA testing - Ms Elena Lo

Multihead microscopy session
ASCUS - Ms  Christina Leung
SIL & SCC - Mr Anthony Sham
Glandular Lesion - Ms Janet Chan

7th December 2002

Queen Mary Hospital, Pokfulam, HK

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3rd Annual General Meeting (click for photo)
Seminar and Workshop - FNA of Thyroid and Salivary Gland

Dr Svante Orell, Australia

Programmes for 2003

6th September 2003

Public Health Laboratory Centre, Nam Cheong Road, Kowloon

Forum and workshop for cytologytechnologists.

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Click for survey report

13th December 2003

Department of Pathology
University of Hong Kong
Queen Mary Hospital

4th Annual General Meeting

Seminar and Workshop - Glandular Lesions of the Cervix
Dr Annabelle Farnsworth, Australia

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Programmes for 2004

29 May 2004 - 19 June 2004

Public Health Laboratory Centre, Nam Cheong Road, Kowloon


Queen Elizabeth Hospital'
Gascoigne Rd, Kowloon

FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY - Multihead Microscopy Workshop.

Salivary Gland - Dr W Y Lam
FNAC of Thorax - Dr Alexander C L Chan
Breast FNAC - Dr Nancy W F Yuen

4th December 2004

Kai Cheong Tong,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Annual General Meeting click here for photo

Slide Seminar - Diagnostic Pitfalls in Gynecologic Cytology (8 cases with audience participation).

Workshop - Challenges in GYN cytology
with multi-head microscopy sessions conducted by Drs S Y Lam and W K Ng

Programmes for 2005

March 5, 19
April 9, 30

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FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY - Multihead Microscopy Workshops on breast, thorax, thyroid and salivary gland.

Aug 22-26, 2005

Companion Society Session (Aug 26) - 4th Asia Pacific International Academy of Pathology Congress, Beijing.

Fine needle aspiration cytology of the liver: problematic and unusual lesions (Dr. Wilson M.S. Tsui)

Fine needle aspiration cytology of the breast: diagnostic issues and controversies (Dr. U.S. Khoo)

Click here for  detail of companion session  or  visit  IAP2005
Aug 30, 2005

Meet the Expert

Seminar -

The Bethesda System for Reporting Cervical Cytology and Patient Management Guidelines.

HPV in Cervical Cytology Screening and Prevention.

Dr Diane Solomon, NIH, Bethesda, USA

September 9 & 10

Conjoint Meeting with the Hong Kong College of Pathologists

Fine needle aspiration cytology of the pancreas

Dr Barbara Centeno, USA
December 3, 2005

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Annual General Meeting

Slide Seminar & Workshop - Body Fluid Cytology

Click here for further information

Programmes for 2006

March 18
April 1, 8,22

FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY - Multihead Microscopy Workshops on breast, lymph node, salivary gland, and thyroid

Dr. Nancy W.F. Yuen, Dr. Alexander C.L. Chan, Dr. Lam Wing Yin, and Dr. Louis Chow

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June 9
Kwong Wah Hospital.
Lecture on Non-gynaecology cytology on liquid-based preparations

Professor Rana Hoda                        

South Carolina, USA

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December 9

Prince of Wales Hospital

Annual General Meeting

Lecture and workshop on " Recent Developments in Gynaecologic Cytology"

Dr. Ritu Nayar

Chicago, USA

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Programmes for 2007

March 24
April 21, 28

FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY - Multihead Microscopy Workshops on lymph node, breast, and salivary gland

Dr. Alexander C.L. Chan, Dr. Nancy W.F. Yuen, Dr. Lam Wing Yin

photo of FNA workshop on lymph node

photo of FNA workshop on Salivary Gland

25 August 2007 

Shaw Auditorium, PWH



Conjoint event held by the HKIAP and the HK Society of Cytology

Speaker: Professor David Chhieng

Topic: CSF and effusion fluid cytology

December 8, 9

Prince of Wales Hospital

Annual General Meeting and Scientific Meeting 

  • Molecular techniques on clinical cytopathology on 8th Dr Douglas Clark

  • Poster presentation

  • Lecture on Thyroid FNA on 9th December by Dr. Douglas Clark

  • Workshop

Photo of lecture and multihead microscopy section

Programmes for 2008 

April 21, 19, 26

3rd May

FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION CYTOLOGY - Multihead Microscopy Workshops on lymph node, breast, and salivary gland

Dr. Alexander C.L. Chan, Dr. Nancy W.F. Yuen, Dr. Lam Wing Yin


December 5, 6

Annual General Meeting, Seminar and Workshop

Dr. Máire A. Duggan (University of Calgary); Topic: Glandular lesions of Uterine Cervix and Respiratory Cytology

Dr. Paul Chan. Topic: An update on HPV vaccines

Programmes for 2009

Date and Venue  Program
21st March (Saturday)   &

30th March (Monday)

Queen Mary Hospital & Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Co-joint Seminars with Chinese American Pathologist Association
18th April & 16 May

Public Health Laboratory Services Branch


Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (Multihead Microscopy Workshop)
  • Breast (intermediate to advanced level) by Dr Nancy W.F. YUEN
  • Salivary Gland (intermediate to advanced level) by Dr LAM Wing Yin
12th December

Prince of Wales Hopsital


AGM and Annual Scientific Meeting

Programmes for 2010

Date and Venue  Program
27th January 2010

Queen Elizabeth Hospital


"Spring Seminar 2010"

Speakers Drs Darshana and Nirag Jhala

photo of seminar

16th April, 2010 ( Friday ) & 17th April, 2010 ( Saturday )

KWH & Public Health Laboratory


Seminar on Breast FNA Cytology and Slide Workshop

photo of seminar and workshop

24th April, 2010 (Saturday)

Prince of Wales Hospital

Practical Pathology Seminar on Cytology


27th November, 2010 (Saturday)

Queen Marry Hospital
11th Annual General Meeting &

Conjoint seminar and slide workshop with the Hong Kong Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology

photo of seminar


Programmes for 2011

Date and Venue  Program
18 & 19th March 2011

Kwong Wah Hospital & Queen Mary Hospital


Respiratory Seminar and Slide Workshop

Speaker: Drs Dr. Sun Wei

19th May 2011 (Thursday)

Kwong Wah Hospital


Seminar on Molecular Cytopathology of Breast & Lung

Speaker: Dr. Fernando Schmitt

4th Dec, 2011 (Sunday)

 Prince of Wales Hospital


Surgical Pathology 2011

"Cytopathology" by  Dr. Syed Z. Ali

"Gynecological Pathology" by Dr. Bin Yang


Programmes for 2012

Date and Venue  Program

25th February 2012 (Saturday)

University of Hong Kong 


12th Annual General Meeting of HKSC

24 - 27th  February, 2012 (Friday - Monday)

University of Hong Kong


IAC Tutorial on Gynaecologic and Non-Gynaecologic Cytology

IAC exam on 28th February 2012

13 - 15th  July, 2012 (Friday - Sunday)

University of Hong Kong

 AOGIN 2012

2012 Conference of Asia Oceania Research Organisation On Genital Infections and Neoplasia

27th Oct, 2012 (Saturday)

University of Hong Kong

13th Annual General Meeting of HKSC and Con-joint Slide Workshop and Seminar

  • Urine and effusion fluid cytology
  • Salivary gland FNA cytology
  • Intraoperative CNS cytology
  •  Bone and soft tissue cytology

Speakers: Dr. Matthew Zarka and Dr. Longwen Chen



Programmes for 2013

Date and Venue  Program

6th Jan 2013 (Sunday)

Prince of Wales Hospital 


HKSC Conjoint Seminar and Slide Workshop

  • Common Error in FNA
  • Serous Cavity Effusion
  • Thyroid Lecture on Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Liquid-based Cytology
  • Slide Review of Respiratory Cytology and FNAC Thyroid

Speaker: Dr Syed Z Ali

18th Apr, 2013 (Thursday)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital


IHKSC Conjoint Seminar

  • Squamous intraepithelial lesion of indeterminate grade, dose it matter?
  • Human papillomavirus infection: from screening to prevention of cervical cancer and beyond

Speakers: Dr. Philip Ip and Prof. Paul Chan

16th Nov 2013 (Saturday)

Prince of Wales Hospital

 14th Aunnal General Meeting of HKSC and Conjoint slide workshop and seminar 

  • microscopy session and lecture in cervical cytology
  • Presentation Session by Trainee pathologists

Speaker: Dr. Michael R. Henry, Dr.YK Leung, Dr. Larry Lam, Dr. Ivy Chung, Dr. Rex Au Yeung


Cytopathology Training Scheme for Chinese Pathologist (中國病理醫生細胞學進修計劃)

Cytopathology Training Scheme for Chinese Pathologists had received 20 applications from various regions of mainland China until the deadline of June 30, 2010. After Council’s discussion, we are pleased to announce that two successful candidates have been selected and they have already been informed via phone respectively. Although all the applicants are well qualified for the Society's requirements, owing to the limited capacity of the training institutes, we are unable to accommodate more than two candidates in this exercise. The unsuccessful applicants will receive an official letter in due course.



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